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He promised to organise a meeting to discuss the matter when his schedule permitted; however, a month later he has not found the time to do so.Pascoalina Natacha Daniel Sambo explained to Maka Angola that “we [the named shareholders] transferred the ownership of our shares to Banco Kwanza the moment the company was set up”.He told the that it had been his idea to set up FACRA and that the Minister of the Economy, Abraão Gourgel, served as a vehicle for its implementation.This is the same Abraão Gourgel who, while acting as governor of the National Bank of Angola, granted BKI management contracts worth hundreds of millions of dollars in public funds.

A staff member, who introduced himself as Paulo Ngunza, explained that “the bank does not have a legal department.” Shell companies and money laundering A government jurist, who prefers to remain anonymous, commented on the non-existence of Kijinga S.According to the same expert, “the banking sector is highly regulated.There is a likelihood that people close to the president’s son, who is a politically exposed person, are carrying out money laundering activities through BKI.From the waiting room all one can see is a door leading to the bank and of Kijinga S. According to documents in the possession of Maka Angola, FSDEA transferred the funds already mentioned from its account at the state-owned Banco de Poupança e Crédito, to account AO06005700000014010400124, which is in the name of Kijinga S. The transfer is identified only as the payment of a bill dated 13 January 2015. How can a company without a single employee provide services to the Sovereign Wealth Fund valuing nearly US $ 100 million? Djanir de Nazaré Ferreira da Conceição (now Junqueira) was also working at BKI at the time when the company was set up.A document from the General Tax Administration of the finance ministry, in the possession of Maka Angola and dated 5 February 2015, shows that Kijinga S. Mário Augusto dos Santos Mangueira has since 2012 been a manager of the Fundo Activo de Capital de Risco (FACRA) a venture capital fund created by President José Eduardo dos Santos, through presidential decree 108/12, using public money, to support micro, small and medium-sized businesses. The chief nominal shareholder of BKI, Jean-Claude Bastos de Morais, who holds 85% of the bank’s shares, is one of three members of FACRA’s highest body, the Supervisory Council.

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