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Sliding all the way up from the base and over the frenulum is fantastic. When it came, I opened the packet and straight away knew it was going to be enjoyable.The little vibrator in the handle is so powerful and won't fail to bring anyone to orgasm. Have not cum for years due to a problem from a vasectomy 28 years ago also heath and general wear and tear. Slow and fast, one area or the whole shaft, take your time and the pleasure grows and shoot for the stars. Off came the trousers, out came the lube (lube is a must have with this) and on went the Monkey Spanker.

We'd gladly sacrifice a leg to get our hands on a machine of this masturbatory magnificence!

Great price for a great toy to be enjoyed solo or part of a mind blowing session.

Reviewed: by Nick123 Other reviews have explained all about it and how it works/what's best etc.

This toy is amazing when used to 'work' the penis while receiving a blowjob.

I always hand this to my wife while she's sucking my cock.

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