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On Visit 1, the patient will complete all required study documents and forms.Then the ENT physician will proceed with the injection Dysport on the same day.With a bit of practice, you can avoid causing offense, even though it might not be possible to stop ticcing altogether.Many people with TS, especially those with more severe symptoms, worry about finding a way to discuss these things with a date or acquaintance.This procedure is conducted in an outpatient clinic because no hospitalization is required.The patient is not allowed to consume food or drink for about 45-60 minutes after the injection.The issue may be what you think about yourself, not how others see you.Childhood and adolescent experiences of being teased and bullied can lower self-esteem.

This is one strategy you can use if you currently have a tic that you fear might offend your date.

Suggestion: Take the opportunity offered the next time you tic.

You can be sure he or she noticed, so you might say, “you know that twitchy thing I do?

Instead of the high-anxiety bar and club scene, for example, you might try joining a martial arts class or yoga, or taking a night class in a something that interests you.

Meeting someone in these types of environments reduces the stress level because the focus is on learning something — not on you.

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