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When I was a freshman, I had sex with a senior in the Hebrew-literature section of Harvard's Widener Library.I've always been very frank about the topic of sex.I lost my virginity at age 15, and when I entered college I quickly racked up 34 partners. A three-year relationship ended when I turned 30, and I embarked on a two-year party phase. I had tons and tons of one-night stands, and it felt liberating to have sex with no commitment.I've slept with all types of men: first the smart computer geeks, then I got into the power sex—billionaires, law partners, investment bankers, and senior executives. I went to clubs by myself to dance and meet men, attended wild celebrity functions and glamorous, exclusive sex parties (run by women) just like in the movie .

I live in New York City, and the dating scene here is weird. No one really "dates" here; they "hang out." And with so many people around, sometimes women feel like they have to sleep with the guy sooner to keep his attention.

I hate the fact that guys can sleep with as many women as they want and no one makes them feel bad about it. 100: At age 11, I wanted to know what sex felt like, so I broke my own hymen by propping my legs up in front of a mirror and sticking my Barbie doll's leg inside my vagina.

I wanted to know firsthand what went on down there.

The guy I end up with has to be comfortable with my sexual orientation.

I don't have a burning desire to increase my number, but if I had sex with a few more guys, it wouldn't make a big difference since my number is so low to begin with.

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