7 secrets to a healthy dating relationship

Believing that a less than stellar relationship is the best you can get is a myth that only keeps you from finding someone better. A relationship should feel like growing together, planning for events, and sharing common goals for the future.

A good relationship should have progression, commitment, and shared goals to reach together. You shouldn’t feel monitored constantly by a partner who needs to know what you are doing 24/7.

A relationship should feel like an equal partnership, not a struggle for control. If you feel taken advantage of in your relationship, or your partner makes you feel used, you aren’t being treated in a way that you deserve.

Whether it be financially, emotionally, physically, or mentally, feeling like your partner is only with you based on the benefits you provide them is selfish to say the least.

[Read: 11 signs to know you’re being used for sex or money] #9 One-sided. You shouldn’t feel like you carry the sole responsibility for keeping the relationship afloat.

[Read: 20 glaring signs of a control freak who loves control] #18 Isolated.Feeling neglected in a relationship or feeling like you’re left to fend for yourself is not a characteristic of any relationship that is worth sticking around for.A good partner will care about your needs and will strive to make you as happy as you make them.If a relationship affects your mental sanity, disrupts your inner peace, corrodes your self-esteem, and generally makes you feel more negative than positive, you should either let the relationship go or seek help in improving your relationship.People seek relationships in order to feel happy, accepted, and complete, but when you feel any of the following emotions, ask yourself, “What’s the point of staying in a relationship that’s doing more harm than good?

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