A survey of dynamic software updating

Those systems that permit it support only a very limited class of updates, and generally provide no guarantees that following the update, the system will behave as intended.

We tackle the on-the-fly updating problem using a compiler-based approach called dynamic software updating (DSU), in which a program is patched with new code and data while it runs.

Ideally, when new products are released, a non-technical coworker could specify what questions are required through an easy-to-use Web-based interface. NET thanks to the ability to dynamically load controls on an ASP. With just a bit of an initial investment in development and testing time, you can create a reusable, dynamic data entry user interface engine.Dynamic software updating (DSU) addresses this difficulty by permitting programs to be updated while they run.DSU is appealing compared to other approaches for on-line upgrades because it is quite general and requires no redundant hardware.NET, and then I will present a complete, working dynamic data entry system that can be easily customized and extended. NET Web pages are comprised of two parts: What's important to understand is that when the ASP.NET page is visited for the first time, or for the first time after its HTML portion has been modified, the ASP.

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