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Now looking back, I’m so grateful for my many failures in the entertainment industry.

Most of your self-hatred is dependent upon how much trauma you’ve experienced and the degree to which that trauma has been acknowledged, processed and dealt with. We’ve stayed in relationsh*ts and friendsh*ts way past their expiration date and we’ve failed at achieving this emotional, relational and physical ideal that we all have (aka perfection – the lowest standard you can hold yourself to).

This kept my anxiety at an all-time high and crippled me into a state of fear-based paralysis.

I felt like I had already wasted so much time, there was no other option but to waste more of it and obsess over f*cktards who had no problem wasting it as well.

We grow up being told how hate is this strong, destructive, can’t-take-back, divisive and all-around wrong emotion to carry and channel toward others.

The title of this post sounds harsh to me no matter how many times I read it.

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