Adult chat room etiquete

Chatters are required to answer the age question if it is posed to them.

Failure to answer will result in a kick and possible ban from the room.

Swearing is offensive to many chatters, so bearing this in mind we request that words such as the one that begins with F is not used in excess.

9) Idling in the Room Chatters that idle for more than 24 hours will be kicked from the room by our staff.

those 17 and under), Teens are not permitted to be in the adult room.

Should this happen, and because we want all chatters to be comfortable we do ask that you respect their wishes and change the topic.Continued use of such comments may result in a k-line from the site.4) Flooding is not permitted Chatters are not permitted to flood the room, flooding will result in an immediate kick and a possible ban from the room.Welcome to Chat XPlanet These are the guidelines we us to ensure all of our chatters have a relaxing and enjoyable time at our site.If you feel uncomfortable with a situation or would like more clarity on any of these rules please feel free to approach any staff member and they will be happy to assist you.

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