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An 8-year-old American child has never known a world without an i Phone.

For today’s kids, smartwatches, video chats, and virtual reality aren’t harbingers of the high-tech future that adults have dreamed of for decades, but the simple accessories of an always-connected present. The first car they drive will probably be able to drive itself.

In the absence of such research, one can only argue that young children need to learn the real world before they learn about the virtual one.

There are critical periods, during infancy and early childhood, within which the brain needs to be stimulated by actual experience if the senses are to develop normally.

The glue that holds this connected world together is, of course, the internet.

And while many adults came of age at a time when getting onto the internet involved sitting at a desk and suffering through a minute of ear-piercing squeaks and squeals, children now move through a society where the internet is everywhere—at home, at school, on the street, on screen after screen, day after day. How does it affect kids’ thoughts, bend their behavior, and alter their development, if it does any of these things at all?

There was a time when people thought books, paper, reading, and writing were all bad for children.

Our current fears about the internet are similar to the fears of those times.

But again, social interactions such as playing, reading, talking, and singing should predominate during the early years.But the generation that is growing up immersed in the internet doesn’t know a world without it.The relationship is symbiotic: The internet lives off them; they live off the internet. I think it will liberate us from knowing all kinds of things just in case we ever need them (this is what existing schooling does).Yet despite its negative effect on human bonding, communicating by text is the most prevalent form of communication in this age group.I can only conclude that there are at least two major social costs in preadolescence and emerging adulthood of the extraordinary reliance on technologically mediated communication: reduced intimacy and reduced sensitivity to emotional cues.

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