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Drinks after work: A long day’s work deserves cool cervezas.And, oh boy, are there a great deal of places to get your early evening buzz on.But these restaurants can offer more than braised pork or chicken curry; they can offer you the opportunity to meet other singles. Wabash) are great sit-downs that have a nightlife feel to them.When dining out with girlfriends, make sure to find dining establishments that encourage mingling and social interaction. Shopping: This town is a Midwestern shopping oasis.

There are a lot of cool, hip places all around the city, such as: Funky Buddha Lounge (728 West Grand Avenue # 1), Rednofive (440 North Halsted Street) and Flat Iron (1565 North Milwaukee Avenue) that cater to young people who want to be social.

There is a man there, hopefully single, browsing for a suit, needy for a woman’s opinion –and you just happen to be there.

Brooks Brothers Suits (713 North Michigan Avenue), Astor & Black Custom Clothiers (600 W Jackson Blvd), Black Suits at Macy’s (111 North State Street) are business men hot-spots.

This is especially true of black professionals, hoping to find romance outside of the work place. We’ve done a wee bit of field research into the realm of black professional dating, and we’ve discovered a few surefire ways for you to have a sweetie to serenade the next time Christmas songs are back in season.

Downtown Dining: Chicago has a few great features, one of those being great cuisine on nearly every other block of the city.

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