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Germany's Middle East took a secondary position, one subordinate to Germany's primary policy toward Europe and America, throughout the late 19th and early 20th centuries.While of secondary importance, it was a tool that was used to manipulate the Middle Eastern attempt to play off the Western powers against each other.The British zone extended west as far as Kerman in the north and Bandar Abbas in the south.The area separating these two spheres, including part of central Iran and the entire southwest, was designated a neutral zone where both countries and their respective private citizens could compete for influence and commercial privileges.Furthermore, Germany dramatically increased its military output from the early 1900s up to the outbreak of World War I.Under a new “Prussian-German” empire, the German government worked to increase the nation's wealth and reach what was then the zenith of German power.

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In particular, Britain and Russia intervened in Iran's domestic politics by supporting the royalists in their contest with the constitutionalists, and increasingly, their intervention assumed military dimensions.

The agreement lapsed in 1918 after it was renounced by a new revolutionary government in Russia.

Although not in a position to prevent Britain and Russia from implementing the Anglo–Russian Agreement, the Iranian government refused to recognize the accord's legitimacy, since from an Iranian perspective, it threatened the country's integrity and independence.

Iranian nationalists, in particular, felt betrayed by Britain, a country they had idealized as a democratic beacon during the Constitutional Revolution.

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