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This included blackmail involving pictures she was tricked into posing for as a 12-year-old, bullying, and assault, all of which were traced back to cyberbullying.

On Oct 10 police rushed to her home where they found her dead.

Gardaí have confirmed they are investigating the online messages and the apparent cyberbullying connection to her death. On the other side of the world, another 15-year-old lost her life after what is again suspected to have been a campaign of online abuse against her.

Rest in peace Erin.” Another user, Laura O Sullivan, responded: “My own sister had the same trouble with that askfm, had a suicide letter written also, my mum found it thank god.” Both Ciara and Erin had suffered online abusive messages from other members, an issue which the website’s developers never intended to see happen.

Calls for website to be banned after teenager’s death Heartbroken friends of a 13-year-old who was found dead on Saturday after allegedly being subjected to cyber-bullying have called for the website involved to be banned.

Erin Gallagher was found at the weekend after telling online friends she was going to take her life due to the abuse she was suffering on

Writing on a Facebook tribute page to honour Erin, Peter Sweeney wrote: “Erin is a 2nd year student who went to a local school here in Ballybofey who tragically due to bullying ended her own life.

An absolute waste of a young life who had so much ahead of her.

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However, the incident is strikingly similar to other tragedies which hit the headlines in recent weeks.

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