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I equip people to understand: What are the signs of the End Times?

What do God's Calendars and the Jewish Feasts tell us about God's timetable for us? What should we say when people call catastrophes "acts of God"? (different from who is the Anti-Christ, you have to decide that for yourself!

Our TV ministry airs quality Christian teaching to 4 million viewers per week in Indonesia.

We receive positive feedback especially in the areas of creation science and old testament foundation.

My signature series are from the 12 hour course "4000 Years of History: from Creation to Christ".

This can be done in an evangelistic event or a 3 hour training seminar.There are some vital topics that I address such as the Big Bang vs Creation, the age of the earth, fossils and dinosaurs, and the evidence for Noah's Flood.In the Chinese context I can tailor these messages to explain the Chinese myths and legends of the or dragons.) How should we live and "redeem the time" if we know our time is limited?I don't answer questions such as, "What's your view of the Rapture? My aim is to help people redeem their time and motivate them to live for eternity.

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