Are stacey solomon and aston merrygold dating

There’s much more confidence in this album.“We had so much inspiration from travelling but because we were at home we were able to do the little things you take for granted – like go to the shops in your PJs for some milk.”The album’s lead single, Sun Comes Up featuring James Arthur, is out now.

The band perform at V Festival later this month.------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ FORMER JLS star Aston Merrygold signed up for Strictly Come Dancing after struggling to launch a solo career.

Swollen lips are sometimes caused by Crohn's disease, which normally causes swelling in the bowel but can inflame the lymph ducts at any point in the body. Cracked lips Cracks at the side of the mouth (angular cheilitis) are sometimes due to anaemia, which occurs when there is a shortage of iron in the body.

Cracks can also be a sign of diabetes, because the high level of blood glucose which accompanies the disease encourages the growth of candida, a yeast-like infection which typically attacks the thin dermis at the corners of the mouth. There is a huge amount of sensory equipment in the brain, which can become overly sensitive when there is a psychological imbalance.

Lead singer Danny O’Donoghue told me the nutty President had been an inspiration for their fifth record Freedom Child – for all the wrong reasons.She told me things seemed to be on the up when the studio drama unfolded, saying: “I thought I’d never be able to release music again, so to be in the studio was literally a life-saver.“Then during a session I ended up getting stuck in a vocal booth and almost suffocated.“I had to get drilled out and pulled through a window.”Kesha’s new album Rainbow was released on Friday.------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ LONDON fashion brand So Monroe showcased their new swimwear collection this week in Essex with Jess Wright as their guest.So Monroe’s clients include US stars Nicole Scherzinger, Nicki Minaj, Bella Hadid and Paris Hilton.Cold sores Cold sores are caused when there is a reactivation of the herpes virus.Once you have contracted the virus it never leaves your body, and recurrent cold sores are usually a sign that your immune system has been laid low. Any sore that lasts longer than 15 days should be checked by a doctor.

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