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This journey over 25,765 years covers the 12 constellations of the sky with the sun rising on the vernal equinox in the same zodiac for approximately 2,150 years in each constellation.

The present analysis is a modest attempt to use astronomy, astrology and the science of time together in elevating the status of Ramayana from an epic to a chronological reality.

In fact, the matching and the mapping between his natal chart and the course of his life is so precise that it can be used as a case study in support of the science of astrology itself!

The natal chart of Ramachandra indicates a yogic Rajayoga, a rare planetary pattern, wherein the native rises to be a King in the materialistic sense even while renouncing all worldly pleasures.

Using the above techniques, the following pivotal events of the Ramayana can be fixed at the following dates: Rama_s birth: 4th December 7323 BC; Rama's marriage with Sita: 7th April 7307 BC; Rama's exile: 29th November 7306 BC; Hanuman's entry into Lanka : 1st September 7292 BC; Hanuman's meeting with Sita: 2nd September 7292 BC; construction of Setu (bridge): 26-30th Oct.

7292 BC; the beginning of the great war: 3rd November 7292 BC; Kumbhakarna's death: 7th November 7292 BC; Ravana's killing by Rama: 15th November 7292 BC; and Rama's return to Ayodhya: 6th December 7292 BC.

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