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For many of us, Nest Cam and other similar products is not so much about checking in on the family, as making sure no one breaks into the house.

In that sense, it's a do-it-yourself and inexpensive alternative to pricey home security systems and burglar alarms.

From the app, you can zoom for a closer view of a specific area in a room you might want to target.

You can also use Nest Cam to see in the dark, thanks to a night vision feature that relies on high power infrared LEDs. I have no qualms with the 9 list price of Nest Cam.

You can set up "activity zones" that let you more closely monitor a given area, the back door perhaps.

What you may choose not to live without is the added security that a solid camera like Nest Cam can supply. Amazon overhauled its Echo lineup in late September, and Google announced new Assistant-enabled Home speakers in early October.Sonos also released a new voice-controlled speaker that comes with Alexa integration and promises to support Google Assistant sometime in 2018.There's also Dropcam, which Nest bought for around 0 million a year ago. GETTING STARTEDNest Cam is certainly among the most attractive do-it-yourself home security options out there.Setup is simple, if not quite as fast as the 60-second time advertised.

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Each additional camera costs $5 a month or $50 a year.

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