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The Bronze Age Shipwrecks exhibit displays interesting findings recovered from sunken trading vessels discovered by local sponge divers. C., are indispensable for understanding the late Bronze Age.

Also on display is the world’s oldest known shipwreck, also one of the richest finds, discovered at Ulu Burun in 1982.

The distances between the pre- and post-operative outer lines of the root canals were measured at both the inner and outer sides of the curve.

The amount of removed material and the symmetry of the preparations were evaluated.

The explorations took 10 years due to the depth of the wreck, the stern being at 147 feet (45 meters) and the bow at 170 feet (52 meters), although it was only 207 feet (63 meters) from the shore.

Many of the artifacts needed to be chiseled out by hand due to the layer of concretion that covered the site.

The Museum of Underwater Archaeology is perhaps Bodrum’s finest attraction. John who built the castle housing the museum, visitors to Bodrum seldom – if ever – fail to pay it a highly rewarding visit.

Thus, some areas in root canals tend to be over or under prepared.

The Bodrum Museum of Underwater Archaeology, which received a special commendation in 1995 as a European Museum of the Year, was established in the Bodrum Castle in 1964.

Initially, the restoration of the castle was the priority; later, exhibition halls were created in the available space.

Each shipwreck found in the museum takes it’s name from the area that they were found, the items that these ships were carrying can be seen in the display cabinets.

Although the castle is under the auspices of the Turkish Ministry of Culture, all the museum exhibitions are overseen by the Institute of Nautical Archaeology, an American non-profit organization with bases both in Bodrum and Texas, United States of America.

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