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The Grand Central Railroaders are now the only undefeated team in the leagues two divisions, so can they continue or has commentators curse about to strike! Monty Python's Always look on the bright side of life! After week six of the season there is usually a front runner but this season everyone seems to be taking points of everyone else, makes for good reporting keep it up (web master & chief reporter)Fast games saw the Rebellious ones from West Calder leading the scores with Scott Baker firing in 15 & 18 darters, Andy Thomson with a 15 darter for the Railroaders, Mitchell of the Highway Men 17 & 19 darters, Ben Hart from the Murray bar Crofters with an 18 dart game, as was Ryan Little for the Rebels of West Calder, Peter Hastings and John Sandison both firing in 19 darter’s, Highlanders player John Kirk with a rock solid 20 dart game, as did Craig Jack for the Crofters also finishing in 20 arrows, Top finishes recorded for the night had, Rebels player C Watt with a 75 take out, John Sandison with 76 game shot, Pirates player M Brody with a 79 take out, Scott Baker 82 game shot, TOP FINISH from the nights action goes to Ryan Little from the Central bar Rebels with a with a cracking 118 kill shot.

And needles to say there are a lot of shops there don’t need to any more do I!

Fixtures 2017/18 updated 14th Sept Bathgate League Dates and Fixtures 9th Sept W. This amount includes Poppy merchandise sold on the day also... Special mention with their first win of the season goes to the leagues newest team the Barkeepers of Kirknewton looking at the score line must have been a terrific tussle, as these Golden Oldies are not to be taken lightly with so many former top players who played counties & super league back in the day in their ranks!

Cracking news from Darts Scotland, (Ted Mc Millan) who has just announced that the Poppy darts exhibition made a fantastic sum of money for a truly wonderful cause, fingers crossed he wont mind me posting his words from Darts Scotland on this site, Delighted to announce our final total for the Darts event for Poppy Scotland on Sunday 29 Oct. Championship League, Commercial Juniors 8-1 Grand Central Steamers, Doo Club Flyers 9-0 Doo Club Fanciers, Deans B. Golden Oldies 4-5 Kirknewton Barkeepers, Grand Central Railroaders 6-3 Tower bar Knights.

23rd Oct, Quick report from the Latvian capital Riga, With mixed results losing out in the final of the Open doubles on the Friday night with Cameron Anderson from Newcastle way! Jim Mitchell for the Highway Men with a 15 darter, William Borland 16 darter for the Innkeepers, R Burnsdale for the Pirates of the Almondale with a 19 dart game, Alan Galbraith 18 darter, Andy Thomson 20 darter, Brian Speirs 19 darter.

, Last 16 of the men's singles on Saturday, and on Sunday playing with Gary Higgins making it through to the semi finals, not bad effort picking up ranking points to go along with ones from the Scottish Open, and collecting money for all three events. Game shots John Brogan with a cracking 111 game shot for the Colliers. , Haddington was once again the place to be on the East side of the country with The Gardeners Arms holding one of their Open Singles competitions and it was that man William Borland from East Calder who took the top honours from a very good field of players coming away with the winners purse, Towards the west of the country there was also Open competition in East Kilbride at the Union club in the shopping centre and a large field gathered to try and annex the first prize and with £500 added to the pot it saw some class action on the ocky, Graeme Bird from East Calder just falling in the semi finals by a score line of 2-5 the eventual champion was PDC player and former England international Andy(x factor) Boulton who took the top prize purse.

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