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The Jews who did not convert struggled under the stricter Islamic influence.Those who did convert became chalas, the Tajik word for 'neither one nor the other 'often converted in name, but continued to practice all of the customs that overlap both cultures, circumcision, arranged marriage, and not eating pork, and often tried to maintain there Jewish practices as well.It was not until 1948, when the Israeli state was formed that the Jews turned to the Soviet government for protection.It was provided until the Soviet Union cut ties with Israel following the Six Day War of 1967.They also had to continue paying an annual tax, though now it was accompanied by the additional insult of a public slap in the face when the tax was paid.It was in the 1700's CE that the Islamic leaders of Bukhara tried hard to start converting the Jews there.Jews in the Soviet Era: During the beginnings of the Soviet Union the Jews were very supportive of the new Communist government, viewing it as the opportunity it claimed to be: equality regardless of religious affiliation.

The lives of Bukharan Jews changed little until the Uzbek people became rulers of the region.While Bukhara was a place of learning it did not reach its pinnacle of importance in the Islamic world until 874 when the Sunnis reclaimed it.The Saminid dynasty made there capitol in Bukhara bringing in a time of culture and influence for the region.Jewish and Islamic cultures are, in many ways, similar to the outside observer. Some of the differences are more obvious than others.Both are patriarchal societies predicated on similar history and values. The Jews had many vineyards and drank wine as a part of their tradition, the Muslims forbade all alcohol.

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