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I play with , etc to no avail, and after a quick trace I see why none of it worked - the validation handler is making my code unreachable.My problem is that the Row Validating event seems to fire BEFORE my button's click handler is fired, and at all.Something there is causing the cell validating event to fire. [Edit] The validating event is firing because focus is being moved from the DGV to the button.Since you have not added your new row yet it should validate OK.Cancel only works if all form data is valid, which is obviously problematic.So I jump into my Cancel button's code and try to bypass validation.

However, pressing the Esc key in this situation will revert the initial value of the cell and it will close the editor. The Row Validating event has a slightly different behavior.provides a convenient way to realize data validation before it is committed to the underlying data source.SOLUTION To achieve data validation prior the row is committed, you can handle the Cell Validating event, which is raised by the control when the current cell changes or when it goes out of edit mode.2) Detach the event hander before the unwanted event triggers and re-attach after.There are two ways to manage unwanted execution of event handlers. Data Grid View Cell Validating Event Args' does not contain a constructor that takes '1' arguments" what is the solution for this???????

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In the event that the Cancel button is clicked, I would like to cancel any pending edits to the DGV, reject all changes to its underlying Data Table, etc.

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