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The colleague will ensure it is applied to that transaction during the checkout process.

Any coupons and Extra Bucks Rewards that print at the Extra Care Coupon Center; or are featured in your printed or digital receipt, CVS Pharmacy mobile app, or on are considered Extra Care coupons.

And, as always some stores enforce policies different than others.

We will all learn from experience together, so please leave comments as you shop and encounter these new policies being enforced. Below, we have written out the policy as it pertains to coupon-usage.

The platform lets you stream live TV, movies, and more than 9,000 episodes of popular shows.

Spyware blockers or anti-virus protection may require extra steps.

Also, coupons and offers can expire or run out because of popularity, therefore might show as unavailable.

Here is CVS’s coupon policy and how to use the CVS Pharmacy Extra Bucks (formerly called Extra Care Bucks) to rock those deals!

However, some CVS Pharmacy issued coupons are “funded manufacturer’s coupons” and designated as mfr. However, in the past, percent-off coupons could still be used on promotional items and items that were regular-price and earned an Extra Bucks Reward.

on the face of the coupon and also on your receipt. However, this new policy seems to exclude the latter.

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