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Your influence has helped shape a terrific, kind, self-aware girl.- Lynn Gillis NMG was a valued and treasured magazine for my daughter from age 8 - 14.Have fun together sharing your art, writing, photos, opinions, creativity.Meet others who share your passion for raising strong, compassionate girls in a still-sexist world.I sat and cried on my best friend's shoulder for about an hour.

As a mom, I really appreciate NMG and the positive, fun environment you have created for my girls. Get the latest practical information, resources, and tips from researchers, experts, parents, teachers, and youth workers.Be more prepared to support and guide girls through the tough times, in tune with her individual needs.Our stories are a lot like yours of planned or unplanned pregnancy…if we can do it, so can you! Read more: Welcome To Stand Up Girl My name is Lyndsey and I'm 15 years old. We used protection and made sure we were as careful as possible.I met my boyfriend Braxton (16 years old) at a party a few years ago. Read more: My Story I was a freshman in high school when i dated a guy who graduated 2 years ago. Before we started dating he would talk to me nice and treat me like a princess.

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It is also a wonderful forum for self-expression and sharing as it is written by girls and not controlled by an adult club with ulterior motives.

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