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This was a picture from the August 2015 ENGAGE event in Baltimore, MD.

The first step is to figure out a realistic financial goal for yourself and your family.

Clearly not all families will have the same end goal – figure out what is important to you, whether it is early retirement, financial comfort, children’s education, travel, taking care of elders, or your children.For instance, diversification would be buying 15 or 20 different stocks, with the same purpose in mind as asset allocation, to minimize risk and to make sure that if something tanks, it doesn’t take your entire portfolio down with it.Monitoring Progress You can start by examining your trading records and ensuring that all of the trades went through at the prices that you instructed and with the correct commissions.If you start out earlier, you can start with less, invest less and still end up making more than if you started out later.Paying High Fees Broker’s commissions can negate all of the hard-earned interest that you have accumulated.

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