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Fellow Adyashanti student Margo, at A Peaceful Human Race, has an excellent new post titled "the other side of peace," which does a good job of exploring the paradoxical nature of peace.It's a topic that interests me, as I've long been fascinated by the fact that peace sometimes requires something that looks an awful lot like war -- and perhaps, occasionally, even war itself. I haven't written much on Mudita Journal about the concept of enlightenment, but it's been in the background for me for several years, ever since I discovered the teachings of Adyashanti (and Eckhart Tolle, before him).a little excerpt from the book can give you a taste of what this book is about, or you could click the title of the book above, order, and check it out yourself. As many of you know, over the past couple years I've become increasingly interested in the teachings of Adyashanti, Jed Mc Kenna, and the like.Jon Bernie is one of Adya's friends and colleagues.He said he could tell things were going awry when the budget began climbing as he tried to do justice to the book.“I had some real names seriously interested, but it had to be a real feature film, and I feel like I had the rug pulled out from under me,” Polk said.I met him briefly and attended one of his satsangs (sitting & teaching events) last time I was in San Francisco.Below is a brief teaching he sent out to his an announcement list.

However, the book is very well blurbed by Adyashanti...

I have submitted a new listing, which should appear once they update their site. I just received my CD of Adyashanti's "True Meditation" by UPS this morning.

If you live in the greater Albuquerque, New Mexico area (including Rio Rancho, Placitas, Corrales or nearby areas) and are interested in attending, please contact me. I'm ripping it to my hard drive to put on my mp3 player.

“When we talked about cast, even B-list cast, they were like, ‘we don’t need names.’ It was great material, people were interested, but there were red flags. They replaced me with a TV actor, this has TV written all over it. I was trying to embrace the spirit of , and it will be interesting to see if they can still pull it off.” It’s the first of what’s envisioned as a 4-film adaptation of the iconic book that Hollywood has been trying to film for decades.

Maybe this will be a fine movie, but it would not be the first time a producer made a cut-rate placeholder version with hopes of doing a more ambitious film later.

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