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These events were repeated for the two batches of students who came and enjoyed the show.The film screening taught students the Korean basic words – how they can say and write it.As of date, the biggest K-Culture Caravan took place at Sentrum, De La Salle Lipa, Batangas last October 19, 2017, with over 2,000 students participating in the whole day K-affair!If you’re not familiar with Korean Culture Caravans, it is an event hosted in cooperation with schools to bring love and passion for Korean history and culture.All of the activities wouldn’t be complete without the photo booth at the event as well as the Hanbok experience booth where various students and faculty lined up to dress up and take photos on the set.

Go all out and make a grand entrance at your school or office party, channeling your favorite idols!

The Korean Cultural Center (KCC) in the Philippines has always hosted culture caravans from various schools and organizations in Metro Manila, but this time, KCC went farther!

For the first time, Korean Cultural Center visited Batangas for its culture caravan.

Activities may vary from schools depending on the request, but the motivation remains the same – to cultivate Korean activities and make sure that faculty and students alike are given a chance to express, rediscover, and embrace the quintessence of graceful Korean culture and beauty.

The whole event was divided in five parts: 1) Film Screening featuring introduction to Korean culture, 2) Lecture on the Basics of the Korean Language, 3) Lecture on Mooninhwa (Korean Traditional Art), 4) Performances from DLSL Salindayaw Dance Troupe, Venisse Siy, and PHP, 5) Raffle Draw of special Korean goods.

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