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“It wasn’t that I became a nasty person at all, it was just that I felt that I was running away from thinking about things.

It was a way of ignoring all my own fears about ‘Will I be able to keep going in this business after the Harry Potter series ends?

I mean, that first film could have failed; people could have said it isn’t as good as the book and the whole thing could have fizzled out. I think probably, that’s one of the best things about Chris Columbus [the director], he made the process so enjoyable we never thought of it as anything but fun, and it really wasn’t until the third film that I started going ‘OK, now I want to really dedicate myself to this and start learning about acting and getting better’.’’ That he was working alongside some of the greats of British film and theatre – Alan Rickman, Michael Gambon, Gary Oldman – meant that he was learning from the best.

Apparently there was a girl at the British premier who fainted and when I heard that, I was, like, ‘we did something right’.” (A film he stars in next year may prove even more traumatic for Harry Potter fans; in Horns, he plays a man who suddenly sprouts devil horns, and who may or may not be a killer.) That film was something of a rite of passage for Radcliffe, an emphatic signal that he had moved on from Harry Potter.

“There was a part of me in some scenes that was slightly scared of my own face, because I know that my face is…” He trails off.

She had asked if he could direct her to her room – not so subtly revealing her room number in the process – and he hadn’t been able to assist her.

“But it wouldn’t have worked anyway,” he says, “because she was about 6ft 2in.” He’s joking, he has a girlfriend, but the point he makes about his height is an intriguing one. This is the first thing you notice about him, but luckily it is not the first thing the camera notices.

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