Dating a high schooler

Before I go into some of the other reasons why I didn't date in high school, I should start by admitting that it wasn't all my decision.

Most people would probably assume I'm referring to my parents and that they had a rule that I couldn't date until a certain age or something like that.

To say it bluntly, there was no one in my high school that I wanted to marry, so that meant there was no one I wanted to date. Finally, the biggest reason I didn't date in high school was because I knew it was only temporary. And contrary to what some people may believe, they are not the best four years of your life.

I knew that I had bigger and better things to come and that I had some big decisions to make and I didn't want any of them to be affected by the person I was dating.

Of course, there were some days that not having a boyfriend sucked a little more than others, like Valentine's Day, or prom, or basically any other school dance where not having a date is like a high school girl's worst nightmare.

But in the end, not dating in high school was one of the best decisions I've ever made.

When you look back on high school, don't be proud of the people you dated or the different boys you kissed.

Be proud of the person you were and how it lead to the person you're still becoming.

I saw most things in black and white and I could never understand cheating or even fights that couples my age would frequently have because they all seemed pretty pointless to me.I didn't date in high school because I didn't meet anyone that I was ready to be that committed to, and I definitely didn't meet anyone that was ready to be that committed to me.I know some people would say that dating in high school is about discovering what you want out of a relationship and your partner, and not about commitment.If you don't see the relationship going somewhere, then why even start it?I didn't want to cause myself any more heartache than I needed to, and I definitely didn't want to feel like I was just passing, or even worse, wasting my time.

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I felt like I was the odd one out if I didn't have a boyfriend or wasn't at least "talking" to someone, which is the new word that for some reason all teenagers use even though no one actually knows what it means.

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