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On July 20, I met Guy at the Bean Scene and it was great!

We both chose one another and than emails were missed but things were figured out and we started dating on July 30.

Just like to let you know I no longer need to be on your distribution list. Neil and I met at a Feb.10 2005 evening arranged by Six Minute Dates and recently got engaged. Cara, I wrote a month and a half or so ago to update you on my relationship that happened because of your company.

Well I am writing again to you with another update.

Men and people who weight more will burn more calories.

Start Slideshow Why not spend your date night giving back to your community?

Calories burned estimates based on a 150-pound woman.

By Jennipher Walters, Certified Personal Trainer When most of us think of date night, we usually imagine dinner and a movie.

While that can be relaxing, it's not exactly the healthiest way to spend time with someone you love (or the best way to get to know someone you recently met).

Milky Way Nights Set out to the Rothney Astrophysical Observatory for a magical night to gaze at the planetary nebula, globular clusters and distant galaxies where Saturn will all be visible along with the summer constellations from Thursday to Sunday, p.m.-a.m.

August 17th-August 20th, 2017 of Magic Muggle Student Orientation Day Being Muggle-Born in the wizarding world isn’t all that easy; that’s exactly why you need to head down to the Containr Site in Sunnyside for a day of magical workshops and activities on Saturday p.m.

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