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PLUS, Johnjay and Rich MISSED CONNECTIONS, BEAT SHAZAM, and SOmuch MORE!! PLUS, FIANCE FRIDAY, a new set of DELANEY' S DMs, BEAT SHAZAM (with a with a twist! Just when you think THIS IS US couldn't be any more emotional... PLUS, what would it take for you to sit in a freezing cold ice-bath for 3 minutes? How About We, five years old and recently acquired by digital dating giant IAC, is relaunching its mobile app today with a bevy of new features and updated pricing.All messages go through a HAW number so that users’ phone numbers aren’t automatically shared.But Tonight isn’t the only new feature in the re-launch. Our intern, Delaney, gets some pretty weird messages on Tinder. PLUS, FIANCE FRIDAY, BEAT SHAZAM, and we've got the Johnjay Rap girl in-studio!Bedhead's big news today is giving Johnjay ALL of the FEELS.We've also got a brand new WAR OF THE ROSES, BEAT SHAZAM, and Grant picked up some new...soap? We've also got a follow up from GROUP THERAPY and a brand new HUMPDAY DUMPDAY!!! Our FINAL CHAINSAW WAKEUP of the year is a pretty special one! PLUS, Johnjay and Rich are BREAKING BAD NEWS, we get an update on Kyle's ghost problem, and so MUCHmore!! PLUS, a brand new WAR OF THE ROSES, GROUP THERAPY, and we want to know what scares YOU! They also had a pretty significant wardrobe malfunction! Is there ever a normal moment in Johnjay's life??? PLUS, the competition is getting stiff on DANCING WITH THE STARS and our pal, FRANKIE MUNIZ, is right in the middle of it!

Depending on the length of the membership, the price ranges from /month to /month.PLUS, WAR OF THE ROSES, GROUP THERAPY, BEAT SHAZAM, and Delaney has a dilemma! Blake's back from her girls' weekend and it's almost like she never left! We're also talking with our pal, Frankie Muniz, about what's happening on DANCING WITH THE STARS! Blake is gone, so OBVIOUSLY, there's chaos in the Van Es household! ANYWAY, Johnjay and Kyle are both watching the new Lady Ga Ga documentary on Netflix... PLUS, WAR OF THE ROSES, GROUP THERAPY, and Johnjay may have finally solved his sleep apnea! We've got a brand new FIANCE FRIDAY and we're playing BEAT SHAZAM! Johnjay found a new and astonishing trick on his i Phone that he's sharing with everyone!PLUS, Johnjay may have scarred one of his kids...also, still vegan. Some BIG, famous people are learning about #LOVEPUP and Johnjay is trying to figure out what to do about it! PLUS, Rich has a garage FULL of "BEST OF" CD's.."best of" WHAT exactly?!? We're getting ready for the big day with a brand new CHAINSAW WAKEUP! Who'd have thought 30 dogs would interrupt being able to finish staining flooring?!?

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