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New Orleans has done nothing other than to deserve a well-made television drama about it." He and his crew have largely succeeded in that aim.Yes, Treme is a more meandering affair than The Wire but it is also a more intimate, character-driven drama than that show, and more powerfully emotional, too.

Critical response to the show in the US has largely been positive. a textbook example of how to launch an ensemble saga"; The New Yorker hailed it as "the bravest show David Simon has ever made" and Salon's Heather Havrilesky concluded that it was so "intimate [a] portrait of this strange, soulful American city that watching it makes you feel as if you're there." But not everyone is completely convinced.He began his voice over career in 1995, when he was directing and producing spots for Mattel Toys, voicing spots for HOT WHEELS and many others.Everything changed in 1998 when he met animation legend and director, Sue Blu, who became his mentor and changed his life.And there's Davis Mc Alary, the boy from the right side of the tracks who thinks he knows everything about Treme and its music, and his sometime girlfriend, Janette Desautel, a chef who just wants her new venture to survive.This being a David Simon drama there are no obvious heroes – and even those with the best intentions find that good deeds come with a healthy dollop of moral ambiguity.

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