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The stars were the students themselves who’d practiced with their teachers for weeks for that one moment of glory. Why don’t you come to my intensive bachata course on Saturday? ” And then I got that dick pic from him (surprisingly unimpressive, though).“Enough! His girlfriend was in the room, I knew she was watching. “I’m single, I want him, and I don’t even know his GF.”“Would you want someone to do that to you? Legend has it that there are real couples who have met there.

I was amazed by Michael’s intimidating manliness and unforgiving sexiness. I went to the bathroom to cool my body and mind down. So I did something I’d promised myself to never ever do in my life — I swiped right.

Imagine that you have 16 oz of love in your hand, all pretty, fragrant, and ready to be gifted to that one special man. You’re getting upset that he doesn’t want to give you more but the truth is — that’s all he’s got. They are emotionally handicapped, incapable of developing depth that would make them attached to one person only.

It’s always the same superficial, sex-based relationship, just the bodies are different.

I’d lived and loved in eight different countries and I’d never doubted that among (and often inside) assholes, players, and womanizers there was a loving man seeking a deep connection with a woman. Having spent 1,5 year in the behemoth of São Paulo and half a year in the more provincial Northeast Region, I’ve ridden the emotional rollercoaster of Brazilian dating long enough to start pondering — are Brazilian guys incapable of love? His girlfriend’s big dead eyes drilled a hole in my neck. The heartless São Paulo way of living, entrapping the young (and the not-that-young) in the endless loop of the single lifestyle, was already getting on my nerve.

To put some light on the matter, let’s have a look at the three case studies from my own psychotic love life. We have to do it…”I felt his strong arm around my waist and testosterone exploding from every pore on his brown skin.“No,” I squealed with pretend confidence. I’d just closed a long chapter of solo soul-searching across Southeast Asia. I wanted depth and meaning and connection with another human being…

Relaxed by the green magic, with an intriguing man leaning against my shoulder, I let the musicians play on the strings of my mind, on the keys of my heart. So we ate that damn falafel dinner together and he told the story of how they met (no mention of the story how I bought a big bottle of beer and strolled along the Paulista Avenue, not sure if I should cry or laugh. As always, millions of couples were making out on the benches and bus stops — young, old, gay, straight… He was spinning a girl but staring at me, his eyes narrowed. He extended his hand towards me for the next song and entrapped me in his arms for the whole night. No, I wouldn’t come next Sunday to the Cuban place again. Unable to focus, turning my head left and right, I looked for the familiar storm of Afro hair tamed by a headband. I was aloof but he caught my attention by offering to me lessons, in my living room, in exchange for English classes.

We’re not victims of our circumstances but the captains of our lives. It seems that it’s me who is emotionally unavailable and men I choose simply mirror my attitude. Thus, a part of me sabotages every chance for a relationship, picks from the crowd the worst kind, the players, the womanizers, the assholes…

I sit in quiet meditation and ask my Inner Being, “Are all Brazilian men indeed emotionally-unavailable cheaters? On the surface I crave intimacy and depth but truth be told… To fall so deep, to lose control, to surrender myself completely to another person… I need to focus on my writing, find an agent, publish my novel, go for a run and dance classes, meditate on the beach, meet my girlfriends… So I don’t have to take the responsibility for the failure in dating. That realization is painful and hopeful at the same time.

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