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Often they stir up a sense of nostalgia and bring many a childhood memory rushing to the surface.

Case in point - and the subject of today's edition of Adventures in vintage advertising - Heinz Ketchup.

As a youngster, this was my very favourite store bought condiment to slather on anything from grilled cheese sandwiches to - much to my paternal grandma's horror – roast Christmas turkey.

Though I still love pan fried sandwiches dipped gingerly into ketchup, I don't usually dunk the contents of my Christmas dinner into it any longer.

Three decades later, in 1968, Heinz would became the first company to start selling their ketchup in small, individual sized fast food style foil packets.

Betty’s popularity began to slowly yet surely decline after her creators were forced to clean up her image under the Hays Code.

The rigid moral code applied the strict demand that everything from interracial dating to lustful kissing to be prohibited in films at the time, in which the industry was male-dominated and lacked a stage for women to speak up.

Before we look at the lengthy and illustrious life of Heinz's classic offering however, it's worth briefly delving into the history of ketchup itself.

These days most people think of ketchup as being made primarily from tomatoes (and less commonly, mushrooms, bananas, walnuts, or beets, the latter being a great alternative for those who may not be able to eat, or don't like the taste of, tomatoes), but one very likely origin story says that this condiment - which is also known as catsup - started life centuries ago in China as a sauce made from pickled fish and various spices that was called kôe-chiap or kê-chiap.

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If you’ve never seen the the original Betty Boop cartoons from the 1930’s, I advise you to stop what you’re doing right now and do so.

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