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For all those who have been asked countless times by relatives “so where’s the boyfriend," “any boyfriend," “you’re still not dating anyone? I can’t relate to the people who “make fun of their exes” or “dug [their] key into the side” of their exes’ four-wheel drive. I’ve never jumped from guy to guy and I was never the girl who always had to be with someone.

In an interview by Franklin Bradley, CEO & Founder, Try was asked Are they better off[for relying on online dating]? Many of us feel the process of elimination should be done face to face…for others, however, it’s all about saving time and money.

And remember it is not just one person we are talking to now but we can speak to 100s of potential partners.

So, I would argue, we are not only getting validation from the attention from potential partners, but the game aspect can actually make us addicted to this type of dating through the random notifications, which spike our dopamine.

With those criteria, the Internet is a clear winner.

Until someone mentions the old adage…you get what you pay for.”Meeting someone used to be a unique experience in itself.

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There is no fear of failure because for every one or two rejections you get one or two matches.

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  1. I have had a bunch of ethnic Indian lays in UK and Australia but they were UK / Aussie girls from an ethnic Indian background. I even met an australian guy living here, and he has no clue where to find the night clubs. Especially some humanitarian aid chic from Scandinavia living there who hasn't had sex in months(hmmm, maybe I ought to head to India, lol). And where did I say that people should travel to India just to hook up with drunk British chicks. If you strike out with the Russians, the Swedes, the Israelis and the Indians, there are always drunk British chicks.