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RAS: I think it’s going to absolutely be a big mystery.Much like Jason’s murder, it's going to open the door to a lot of other mysteries and become a much bigger story. As for the exact episode when that information is revealed, to be honest, I’m not sure. Sometimes things happen that even I don’t agree with, but they sort of take on an inevitability.Hermione later warns Fred it's in his best interest to get out of the company before Hiram comes to town, but Fred isn't budging.Later, Archie meets his dad at Pop's, but while Archie is in the restroom washing up, he hears chaos outside and sees Pop Tate struggling with a gunman.

Hermione Lodge wants Veronica to convince Archie to tell his dad to sell his construction company, but Veronica balks at the idea.Even more than that, when Peter Parker learns that his beloved uncle Ben, who is sort of a Fred Andrews–like character, when he learns that he was shot by a burglar, Peter Parker says, "I have to do something.I have to become a hero." For Archie, he needs to go through something really unpleasant and life-changing, and I think his journey will be both of those things. And now I’m playing football, and now I’m playing music!RAS: Yeah, you know, I think that the most logical suspect right there in front of us is that, and the person who heard Hermione—other than Fred—say that was Veronica, when she said, “Talk to Archie. " I think that’s a big, big question that's on Veronica’s mind, at least at the beginning of the season, as it is for our other characters as well.Your father does not want to be in business with Fred Andrews. Glamour: There was some interesting foreshadowing in the scene where Archie, Veronica, Betty, and Jughead are at Pop's having milkshakes.

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