Dating perfection oil heaters

I assume there is a way to replace it, but so far I have not even figured out how to split the case. My vague plan to install an intercooler has advanced to the point that I have more or less decided where it will go.

Obviously, the last is too small, so forget about it.

I may have to give up the Lowrance GPS, whose behavior has grown increasingly flaky, and replace it with something newer.

Unfortunately, the i Pad, which provides a beautiful navigational display, does not provide the digital output required to link it to the autopilot.

I now contemplated cutting O-ring grooves in the elbow, but settled for gluing the tubes into it with red silicone.

I then did a compression check (for the first time since January, 2014 -- "If it ain't broke..."), and found that the #4 cylinder was holding only 40/80.

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