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As an activist, she fights for the rights of transgender people across the world and is notorious for educating people who are ignorant when it comes to the queer community.

Last month, during a interview, Laverne explained how a joke about killing trans women can be extremely dangerous to the community.

“I spent years behind the scenes choreographing for different NBA and NFL dance teams making them look good, but tonight, this is about me,” Oscar says before dedicating his routine to Laverne. Getting to the live show could definitely change my life.

This is my time to shine." The actress is not only openly transgender (she was born male), but she is also the first openly transgender person to be nominated for a Primetime Emmy Award in the acting category.

Du Bois: With some of the maps, the words are so obvious they’re almost painful.

Los Angeles’ word is “acting.” And all around the area, you’ve got all these Hollywood words like “director,” “film,” “blonde” and “career.” Du Bois: New York City’s word is “now.” That’s not only impatience — it’s also, “Now, I’m working as a waiter, but really I’m an actor.” Albany is “assembly,” and Rochester is “Xerox,” one of the companies that dominated the area for years. They’re the names of clubs or bars — places you like to go or things you like to do.

Luke Du Bois (TED Talk: Insightful human portraits made from data) decided to make his own survey of the country.

Every ten years, the US government takes a national census to find out who lives where, what they do for work, the languages they speak and more.This allowed him to browse some 19 million people’s dating profiles. To analyze the words they used to describe themselves.Du Bois used a technique called term frequency-inverse document frequency, or tf-idf, to measure how frequently a unique word appears in a specific zip code, while discounting words used often across many zip codes.Sometimes the words are a bit more fun — Syracuse is “dinosaur,” because the best restaurant in Syracuse is Dinosaur Bar-B-Que. Du Bois: In Chelsea, in Midtown Manhattan, the words are “modern,” “creatives” and “aesthetics,” because that’s where a lot of art galleries are.If you look downtown near Washington Square Park, you’ve got “voice” — as in “Village Voice.” Sometimes, though, the words don’t really make sense.

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