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It’s painful when you do ministry alongside someone who seems to think you have no worth because you aren’t going to be their spouse.In our obsession with the quest for marriage, we’ve forgotten to pursue friendships and nurture a Christian community to grow within.Like many parts of faith, Christian dating culture is home to many double standards.We encourage women to keep high standards and desire only the godliest of men, yet we pity the “forever alone” single women who seemingly received a lifetime supply of the “gift” of singleness.Some forums can only be seen by registered members. Do people expect too much in wanting that happen to overnight? Because a long-term relationship is about so much more than just chemistry.

I didn’t see the need for everyone to find out too early on.Groups of Christians mean well when it comes to helping people navigate relationships, but there are a few ways we all tend to make things way more complicated than they need to be.By Obsessing It’s hard enough to seek out a future spouse within a culture that idealizes marriage above almost everything else. But when we, as individuals or as a church, are obsessed with romantic relationships, we miss out on so much more God offers us.But within a week, the head pastor of our 2,000 person church found out we were dating.Mutual friends were excited that a boy and I were planning on hanging out one on one—so excited, in fact, they started brainstorming our wedding hashtag. I also remember feeling shamed by my Bible study for not having set strict physical boundaries with a guy—by our second date.

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But when “post-college groups” is code for singles-to-mingle events and pastors seem to believe they have matchmaker in their job description, it gets uncomfortable really fast. We fixate on the idea of “knowing” so early on, we skip over the whole point of relationships—getting to know and connect with another human being. ” after date one, we’re expecting people to have gotten incredibly intimate and vulnerable in the first 90 minutes of talking with someone. If we’re dating with the intention of marriage, it makes sense that we wouldn’t want to continue pursuing a relationship with someone we see no future with.

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