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The memrilock hardware became the standard for the industry after 1975 with all drum companies rushing to produce massive hardware capable of withstanding constant punishment.Cleveland era drums have the paper tags (as do Dayton, Fullerton, and 9/72 Fullerton) which include the model name, serial number and city of origin.I simply stated some relevant facts concerning Rogers and the various time periods, and of course the necessity of brevity in a post means there are all sorts of voids in my own post. If I get a second set this year, it will be vintage rogers. I could have ran on and on and been quite thorough, I didnt feel the need. What I do know is that you have the personality of a turd.

In 1975, the springless beavertail was introduced which used a retaining clip to keep the tension rod receiver from falling into the lug cavity.Ive considered how to respond to Coyotes post, and I am at a loss as to his whole attitude.Steve Maxwell is a very respected builder, collector, and dealer of vintage and modern drums, by myself included. It's WMP, the serial number puts it in the first thousand Dynasonics produced.From what I remember about those Big R kits when I tried one was that it didn't creep forward. There you can find a Dating Guide I have written for the Big R period. My teacher at the time was a big fan of Rogers drums and had recently picked up a Big R Londoner 5 in Black(Ebony) and it was beautiful.I can't be the only one who's had a positive experience with those Rogers spurs, eh? I keep the front of my base elevated @ 1'' off the floor putting all the weight on those massive spurs :-) , I also replaced the rubber ends on the spurs and use a textured rug that seems to help. the OP in that thread has a five ply drum, several pounds lighter than an XP8 to begin with, and another 20 lighter than with that huge tom. I ended up buying a Gretsch natural maple gloss lacquer set instead, because I fell in love with Gretsch's lacquer finishes and the sound of these drums.

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However, despite whatever story may be behind your Dynasonic, the throwoff is not original, as it wasnt even manufactured when that drum was produced. It could be worth three to four thousand dollars, based on its color and production period alone.

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