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Set in 19th century Imperial Russia, the story revolves around a retired army veteran who makes a good living by settling duels for aristocrats, a common practice of the era. He risks losing it all at once because of a scandalous video that just ... Can Mitya and his friends convince Vasya to change her mind? After the devastating Spitak earthquake of December 7th, Konstantin Berezhnoy, a 50-year-old Russian, and Robert Melkonyan, a 28-year-old Armenian, work together to rescue the desperate survivors. See full summary » The film is set in the 60s of the 20th century, during the Cold War and the space race between USSR and the United States. He's got a high income and a solid reputation among his colleagues. The problem is that Mitya is still married to Vasya, who refuses to grant him a divorce.A young pilot is fired from military air force after disobeying an absurd order. See full summary » A new brother settles in the friary.But dark forces follow him into the monastery and from time to time they materialize as Legion.But what is really there, the normal film about this war we have, in fact, and not removed."Brest Fortress" stands out, of course, but it is not quite realistic - after all the drama and all the love stories are present there.To get shots of model tanks to look realistic, they were shot at x4 speed.The camera was mounted on a KUKA robotic arm (such as used at assembly lines), so it could reproduce the motion of outdoors camera.

War - a war, it is in the film is simple, no frills, pressing, breaks, clanging "tracks" of tanks and pressed into the viewer's chair in the bombings.The film takes several days and includes a piece of peace (in the context of military operations and the German offensive on Moscow) life, preparing for battle and the fight itself.Take the example of the 28 Panfilov, Russian creators of films - that's how you need and nothing else. It commander for soldiers - concise and clear, the political instructor - imagine!- Not screaming, not shoot in the back, and generally behaves like a normal person who is experiencing for themselves, for their country and their homeland, for their fighters. He is not just good, it masterpiece, not afraid of the word.In the film, the sound of it, the way it should be in these paintings - or not to pass on what people feel, sitting in the trenches under artillery fire. For the first time in a long, long time, music from the movie I remember: it is different, it emphasizes the stage helps the narrative, makes worry about the characters.

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