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Sensing an essentially guaranteed market, Corning agreed to see if its machine (one of which now resides at The Henry Ford, America’s Greatest History Attraction, in Dearborn, Michigan) could successfully turn out glass ornaments with sufficient popular appeal.

By 1940 Corning was making about 300,000 ornaments a day, compared with the perhaps 600 for a skilled German glassblower, and sending them to other companies for decoration.

Shiny Brite Christmas ornaments were made and sold by Max Eckardt from the 1940s to 1960s.

They can be identified by the words "Shiny Brite Made in USA" stamped into the ornament's top cap.

The following year the ornaments were silvered on the inside so they would remain “shiny bright” for longer periods, but WWII intervened and material shortages caused the company to decorate the clear glass balls with simple thin stripes in pastel colors which didn’t require as much metallic oxide pigment.

Corning, moreover, was able to alter its machines to produce a greater variety of shapes and sizes of glass ball without using scarce war material.

The familiar shapes of movie stars, real or animated, were sold by the thousands.Although this website showcases Christmas lights, I had to include a page with a few of the classic decorations.Old ornaments like these are cherished because they brig back memories of Christmases past.But the necessities of war persisted and the sturdy metal cap that held the little hook for hanging the ornaments had to give way to cardboard and often you had to provide your own hanging device – yarn, at our house– to replace the less prevalent hooks.Today, Christopher Radko, the entrepreneur who discovered and recreated many of the historic glass ornament molds from Germany and Czechoslovakia, has recreated much of the Shiny Brite ornament collection.

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Here's another variation these are round 2 inch diameter ornaments.

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