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There are rare instances where you are dealing with someone who doesn’t have a sense of humor or is not really serious about actually meeting someone in person.

In those cases your best bet may be to cut your losses. If you are messaging someone who is not willing to take that small step it will take a lot of effort to move forward, if it is even possible.

Online dating phone number acquisition is easy once you know what you are doing but timing is critical.

Messaging a man or woman online can be an easy and efficient way to get to know them a bit and build some attraction.

The study also found that while online daters do not want to provide personal phone numbers, they still believe that the phone is an essential tool in building a relationship.

One of these features is anonymous calling, which allows users or businesses to share a separate, private number that’s routed to their personal line.

Usually you will be given a reason, typically they say something like “I would like to talk to you as well but I don’t give out their number online”.

As long as you keep your emails light and playful leading up to this you will typically get her number at this point.

There is always a chance, even a small one, that she will say no.

As we mentioned above, some women really are just looking for online friends.

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