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or simply PAF is an early model of the humbucker guitar pickup invented by Seth Lover in 1955.These were in turn replaced by "T-Top" humbuckers in 1967, and production ended in 1975.With this change, other specification began to change such as magnet specifications and use of a plastic rather than wooden spacer.Gibson produced T-Top pickups through 1980 but many consider the early patent sticker T-Tops more collectible than later versions. style pickups include Di Marzio, Lollar, Lindy Fralin, Bareknuckle, Sheptone and Wolfetone.Ibanez manufactures effects, accessories, amps, and instruments in Japan, China, Indonesia and in the United States (at a Los Angeles-based custom shop).Currently, there are nearly 165 models of bass guitar, 130 acoustic guitars, and more than 300 electric guitars.The "T" located on the top of the bobbins helped workers ensure the bobbin was facing the correct way during the winding and assembly process.T-Top bobbins lose the distinctive square hole of the original PAF bobbins.

Gibson had already developed the Charlie Christian pickup and P-90 in the 1930s and 40s; however, these designs—like competitor Fender's single-coil pickups—were fraught with inherent 60-cycle hum sound interference. These guitars were all fitted with PAF humbuckers, which contributed greatly to the instruments' sound.

These early patent sticker T-Top humbuckers have the same wood spacer and short A2 and A5 magnets of the previous iteration.

Eventually the patent sticker on the baseplate was replaced by a stamped patent number.

In late 1957 a black sticker with gold lettering was applied to each pickup's underside, that read "PATENT APPLIED FOR." Over time the Patent Applied For sticker present on these pickups has evolved into the acronym P. Early 1961 PAFs are almost exactly identical to the original 1957-1960 PAFs.

In July 1961 Gibson standardized the PAF construction process with the introduction of the SG model.

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