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Generation Z will fill the gap and simply tell Generation Y what to do.

Generation Z will give meaning to work in a way that Gen Y has talked about but has been incapable of achieving.

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But Baby Boomers have never had this, except when they were unemployed at Woodstock, and their impractical, dreamer career advice has left their kids unable to make decisions. They will have been homeschooled at a rate we have never seen before, so they will be great at identifying what they like.

But also I’m interested because if we understand the impact the next generation will have on the workforce, we’re better able to adapt our own careers for it. Generation Y is sunny, upbeat, and non-confrontational. (Which are the negative traits of kind and non-confrontational.) 2. So there will be a power vacuum when Gen Z enters the workforce, and they will take it over very quickly.

Which means that Generation Z, raised by pragmatic, confrontational Gen X parents, will think Gen Y are lame. All they’ll need to do is say, “I want to lead.” No one will challenge them.

And, conveniently, Strauss and Howe point out that generational tendencies are cyclical, and Generation Z is poised to lead.

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