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And whoso wishes to read me right Will find me a staunch old Onionite. SC 'V'tr ^T'^'' ^"^ ™'«h^P« oc Jasion^b Tth^ m Sed an S for^^^^ They have already apprised us of the" dis! ' \Jt Z ^^^^P'^^t^^^d to us the melancholy condition to which the latter were reduced, compelled as thev were tl h.e /« ^M X-n TJ^r even m the extremity of their misery, to hoist signah^^^Sl^i they have given us reason to apprehend the mosf serioustotequenc" s if -11 I li 'i II ■f : I!

Les exomplaires oiiginaux dont la couverture en papier est imprimee sont filmes en commen^ant par le premier plat et en terminant soit par la dernidre page qui comporte une empreinte d'impression ou d'illustration, soit par le second plat, s. Tous les autres exemplaires originaux sont film6s en commengant par la premidre page qui comporte une empreinte d'impression ou d'illustration et en terminant par la dernlire page qui comporte une telle empreinte. Under such circumstances, I have naturally felt i*eluctant to offer to the world under my name a production of a character so immature, and as there a2 f * w ^'^'^KTi IV PREFACE.

I I Coloured pages/ Pages da couieur Pages damaged/ Pages endommagdes Pages restored and^of Pages restaur^es et/ou pelliculies Pages discoloured, stained or foxec.

Pages ddcolor^es, tachet^es ou piquees Pages detached/ Pages ddtachees Showthrough/ Transparence Quality of prir Quality inigale de I'impression Includes supplementary materit .

I have eat since then, in spite of my wife, Full fifty Ingions each day of my life.

Though I have munch'dripe peaches with Grange, Yet I never have sought or sighed for a change. .^ P'''''^ ^ ^T'^ communicated the following ac- count of a Dream, m which the same potent vegetable also figures conspicuously : ^ gciauxe cubo « Mr. ^.» * 1 1 '^^^ ^"^^'^ papers, the Mediatorial Galaxy not exceoted Wv . '-'^'ds during the continuance of the stom, and are only just beginnmg to come again under weigh.

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But, Sir, they do not apjiear to have yet dwelt on the many minor miseries inflictetl hy tlie stcirm in (piestion, during the violence of which even nature's kind restorer, sleep, was either denied the un- happy sufferer, or hy a refinement of cruelty converted into a new instrument of torture. " A light yet lingers in the west, Keflected on tiie broad sea's breast, essela, previously grinning, and 11 Which pnnts and heaves m almost spent «y grappling with an element Its mortal foe ; for never yet Hath wind and wave in friendship met.

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