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Ha repülővel érkezik: Rijeka repülőtér (Omišalj) (RJK) 70 km, Pula (Puy), 65 km. emeleten található, a dél-keleti, szép, modern és kényelmes bútorokkal: nappali / étkező, 1 kanapéval és műholdas TV-vel, kijárat a teraszra. A falu Brseč Village keleti partján "Isztria, a hegy lejtőin Ucka. A falu Brseč Village keleti partján "Isztria, a hegy lejtőin Ucka. További lehetőség, vásárlási és szórakozási lehetőségeket biztosít a 10-24 km. A tengerparttól emelkedik gyorsan a sziklák, amelyek a központi része a város található (157 m). A tengerparttól emelkedik gyorsan a sziklák, amelyek a központi része a város található (157 m). Access: A1-es autópályán Zágráb - Rijeka - Opatija, exit "Abbey" 24 km-re Brseč. She started to listen to Skrillics and Nero, then started to grow her playlist.

Also, no Rape Rp's, You will be banned if you do this! The buildings are built specifically to house ALL kinds, including macro sized! E (Vore Organization of Recreational Enforcers (Pretty sure you can figure out what the do :3)Sexuality: Bisexual (Leans more toward females)Relationships: None Size: Shift-Size between Giant and normal size Likes: Food, Vore, Mpreg, Sword Fighting, Anime, Making Friends Dislikes: Killing, (Digestion excluded), Enslavement, Beating, Bullying Bio: Works at an agency that is not funded by the U.Also, I'd love to know who made the second one so I can watch them on FA or something. Name: Alsend Drake Gender: Male, occasionally Herm, rarely female Species: Dragon (Fox, Raccoon, Chakat, Wolf)Age: 19Job: none Sexuality: Straight as male, homosexual as female, bi as Chakat Relationship: [include who if possible]Macro, Micro, Normal, or Size-Shifter: Size-shifter Likes: Size-manipulation, having his paws rubbed Dislikes: cruelity, bullies Bio:Name: Khepra Gender: Female Species: Cobra Age: 25Job: Often works to protect people from disasters that take place in cities. Sexuality: Bisexual Relationship: N/AKhepra is a Size-Shifter, but she cannot shrink down below her normal height. Bio: Born in the desert cities, Khepra was bestowed a gift upon birth; the ability to grow beyond average height.Unable to properly control it in her younger years, she gradually figured out how to do it.;3Name: Wolfer "Jasino" Wolf Age: 22Job: Works at V. S government because of the way they handle there cases, vore, he is one of the best agents they have, and prefers to work alone, but will except any help if necessary, he is a good person but when he gets hungry, he'll probably eat the closest near him so stay back when you hear his stomach growl!First pic I made, but think more like the second one. Dislikes: Disturbing of the peace, coffee, and injustice.

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Piccolo, storico, idilliaco, pittoresco villaggio di pescatori e, nella parte occidentale della regione, su una collina ai piedi di una montagna con una bella vista, a 10 km a sud-ovest di Mošćenička Draga, 17 km a sud-ovest di Lovran, 24 km a sud-ovest di Opatija. In Luogo: negozio alimentare, ufficio postale, ristorante, museo. Altre possibilità di shopping e di intrattenimento in 10-24 km.

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