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After presenting as an Omega at age twenty five, Ali Krieger just wants to keep playing soccer professionally.

Pia Sundhage and Jill Ellis just want to continue to build an improve the United States Women Soccer Team.

The part of that winning strategy is the pair-bonding of players.

The idea being bonded mates make for a stronger team and create the next generation of soccer players.

In this story USWNT defender Kelly O'Hara is dating , Goalkeeper, Hope Solo.

Hiding their relationship from their teammates is difficult enough but things are going great.

That is, until the new forward Christen Press comes along, the team finds out(with some players more upset than others),and Kelley reveals her darkest secret. Team Delta are running against time to find the killer and bring him to justice. Will the squad members manage to deal with their past demons and bring him to justice, stepping closer to end the war?

Mary Abigail Wambach (born June 2, 1980) is an American retired soccer player, coach, two-time Olympic gold medalist and FIFA Women's World Cup champion. As a forward, she currently stands as the highest all-time goal scorer for the national team and holds the world record for international goals for both female and male soccer players with 184 goals.

Their mother checked out a book from the library explaining how to play the game, and from then on soccer became part of their family tradition.Following her performance at the 2011 World Cup, she was awarded the tournament's Bronze Boot and Silver Ball.In 2011, she became the first ever soccer player of either gender to be named Athlete of the Year by the Associated Press.Thalia Skywalker is only seventeen when she gets called up to the US Women's National Team to play in the 2015 Women's World Cup.Will she prove the naysayers wrong and help push the team to victory, or will she fall short?

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Wambach announced her retirement on October 27, 2015.

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