Did meagan good dating soulja boy

And frankly, we're just to classy around here for ish like this. Anyone should be able to tell that the head was cropped, superimposed, background shading change and the face lightened. i work with photoshop all day and there is no way in hell 1 person can get perfect renderings to make the arm match and the ribs match. doesnt mean hes dead to the world really, statiscticly speaking more and more people from the younger generation are becoming gay. sorry to say but i know for sure it is fake i have seen that porn brfore it is not Soulja boy it is photo shoped it is so fake if you wont to see the porn for you self so you can know its fake go to (and type in black gay porn and it will come up) sombody is wrong for that one COME ON PPL THAT IS HIM!!! ITS THE SAME TATTOO N THE SAME ABS U GUYS JUST CANT EXCEPT THAT THE DUDE LIKE MEN.... Something looks really funny about the pic and he'd have to be a fucking idiot to let someone take a picture of him letting a man slob his knob. I can't even say my photoshop skills help me to tell, the head is clearly much smaller than the body[/quote] Much realer? the second picture is definitely soulja boy but the first one i dont believe is him..

All I'm saying is, stop acting like you know these stars so well. 3 Despite Short Sales Week ‘STAR’ Actress Ryan Destiny Is Being SUED By Her Management Team» Remy Ma Serves Throwback Lil Kim Vibes On Fiery New Single, ‘Wake Me Up’ Did She Fire Shots At Nicki's Alleged Relationship With Nas?

Now y'all know I rarely, if ever, even talk about rumors like this even when there is accompanying video/pics. IM NOT GONNA SAY THAT ISNT CUZ I DONT NO HIM N I WUDNT PUT IT PASS HIM EITHER I know a enough about Photoshop to know that this pic is defintely him! The body Soulja Boy's head is on in the first pic is more muscular than his actual body.

And it's usually because it's so obviously fake or made up or just untrue. verdict: IT IS DEFINITELY SOULJA BOY Aww man you can tell this pic is soooooo "PS". Rick Ross tried to clim that photoshop thing to and it didn't turn out to well for him! Plus, the porn star giving him head looks like a porn star from the early 90s. Even though I think Souljah Boy is the wackness, I don't think that's him.

Yeah....these pics are about to cause some trouble. The head the photoshopped on that body is from that pic where he was holding his dick in that red shirt. THERE IS ALSO THE SAME LAPTOP IN THE UPPER RIGHT HAND CORNER OF THE SCREEN.

Soulja Boy has been linked to a gay sex tape DVD in which he is allegedly starring in. LETS NOT RUIN THE BOYS CAREER LOL Definitely photoshopped.

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Cornelius was charged in November with spousal battery, assault with a deadly weapon and dissuading a witness from making a police report, all misdemeanors.

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