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Amazingly, it was dated at millions of years older than the sedimentary rocks The data from one of the San Juan Basin dinosaur limb bones showed a range of "ages" from roughly 15 to 85 million years.

The authors tried to explain away the younger-looking numbers by writing in their report in Thus, it was taken on faith that the data indicating a younger age do not represent the real age, but instead represent the age of some event whereby uranium was supposedly added to the dinosaur bone millions of years after it had been encased in its Cretaceous sandstone formation.

If any collagen whatever is still in the bone, this would falsify their evolution-friendly "age." Also, collagen contains carbon.

Thus, if collagen is present, the bones could be carbon-dated.

This evidence has indicated that radioisotopes have not decayed at a constant rate, and therefore the radiodating "clocks" in general are all broken.

One clue that they are broken comes from the evolutionary age disagreements that characterize the whole field of radioisotope dating.

This new assertion not only ignores evidence that radioisotopes experienced accelerated decay, probably during the Genesis Flood, but also ignores two totally different natural processes that could be used to help verify the researchers' claim that the new technique was "successful." First, as non-mineralized original dinosaur bone, the samples might contain the primary bone materials hydroxyapatite and collagen protein.

The study capitalises on the recent breakthrough from the combined ESR/U-series dating techniques applied to key archaeological sites for understanding human evolution.To minimise the impact of direct dating on valuable and oftentimes fragile archaeological samples, new methods and protocols for non-destructive U-Th and ESR analyses are being developed and investigated.You will be notified by email when the transcript and captions are available. Please contact [email protected] you have any questions about this request.They used a new laser technique to measure radioisotopes in the bone, yielding an age of millions of years.But this "age" was not only the result of a broken radioisotope system, it was contrived to agree with previously assigned dates for the samples.

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SCU Postdoctoral Fellowship Renaud Joannes-Boyau To understand human evolution, archaeologists require precise chronologies so as to compare and contrast fossil collections.

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