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After a long humbling year temping as a traffic cop on a studio lot, Jody is faced with the hard decision of taking the only well-paying industry job she has yet been offered — editing porn at Grind Productions, a profitable adult film company run by former porn star Irene Fox (Kristen Johnston).At first horrified by the prospect of exposing herself to the cockroaches of the film industry, not to mention the effect it would have on her strict Jewish parents, Jody has a remarkable change of heart when she realizes that Grind has all the facilities she needs to make her own low budget movie — on the sly of course — but things get complicated when Jody meets Jeff Drake (Matthew Davis), the charming Herr Director of adult films.One Night was an official selection at the 2008 Sundance Film Festival.Captain Archer and the crew of Enterprise take shore leave on Risa, during which they each experience separate conflicts.Once the shuttle pod lands on Risa, the crew all go their separate ways.Archer notices a beautiful alien woman and her dog on the balcony just below his.The next morning, she awakens happy with Ravis in bed beside her.Elsewhere, Tucker and Reed are in a noisy nightclub filled with exotic female aliens.

She asks him to teach her his complex native language, and he invites her to the exotic steam pools.

Waking up later, they finally escape and make their way back to their hotel room.

Meanwhile, in Sickbay, Doctor Phlox prepares to take his annual six-day hibernation, but he informs Sub-Commander T'Pol that two days should be sufficient.

When not singing, Angelina serves drinks at the club, and one of her regular customers, an actor named Greg (Christian Campbell), has finally worked up the nerve to ask her out on a date.

Also at the club with romance on her mind is Michelle (Paola Mendoza), who is finally meeting Jack (Michael Muhney) after weeks of chatting on an internet dating site; however, Michelle's jealous former boyfriend (Billy Lush) is keeping his eye on her.

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