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, which debuted on April 1st, the young Duggar women launched an ambitious publicity campaign.Interviewers seem to have been particularly fascinated by Jessa Duggar’s announcement last year that she had entered into a “courtship” with fellow conservative evangelical Ben Seewald.Ch-ch-check out Jinger and Jeremy's personal preferences regarding their Christian courtship (below)!!!But how do their own rules apply to Jeremy's "massive bed" Jinger couldn't help but comment on??

Jana, Jill, Jessa, and Jinger offer a troubling blueprint for courtship that places a great deal of responsibility on young women, while highlighting all the reasons they have to be afraid, very afraid, of their sexuality and of men.

With that said — we do think it's a bit odd that they're okay with Jeremy touching their daughter, though.

It's almost as if the courtship rules were only really put into effect for, say, an elder sibling who had a history of inappropriately touching women close to him…

Although Jessa and Jill are not the first Duggar children to court and marry, they are the first has continued to gain in popularity, and that the book is selling well, suggests that courtship culture is generating interest and perhaps gaining influence among a growing readership.

The Duggar daughters’ book also points to the possibility that it is young evangelical women themselves who are increasingly defining, perpetuating, constructing, and disseminated the culture of courtship.

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